Work Visa (H1B)

H-1B is an expedient and lawful method to bring foreign born professionals to the United States on a temporary basis.  An individual is allowed to work in H1B status for a maximum period of six (6) years.  The  petition is usually granted in increments of three (3) years each.  Note, however, that it is possible to have the H1B visa approved for more than 6 years depending upon the applicant’s employment based green card processing status.  H4 visa is also available for the accompanying family member of the applicant (spouse and minor children under 21).

Student Visa (F1)

F1 visa is a student visa that enables foreign nationals to study in the US at accredited academic institutions. In some cases, F1 students may work while enrolled in school. Prior to or upon graduation, the student may engage in practical training for up to 12 months.

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